Terms of Service

[Terms and Conditions of Use]

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
This Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") is intended to prescribe the terms and conditions of use, procedures, and other necessary matters of the Internet website (hereinafter referred to as "KOETA").

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
Terms used in these Terms and Conditions are defined as follows:

The term "user" means a person who accesses the site and receives the services provided by the site under these terms and conditions.

The term "application" means the act of filling in the application form provided by this site and completing the use of the service by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The term "members and partners" means persons who provide personal information necessary for the services provided by this site and who can use the information and services of this site.

The term "email authentication" means an act of authentication to identify the same person as the user

who applied and to protect his/her confidentiality in communication.

The term "country identification number" means a personal identification number given to a person who is

deemed reasonable in the user's country.

The term "fee" means the application fee for the electronic travel permit system, and the applicant refers

to the expenses that must be paid electronically online through an electronic payment agency online.

Terms not defined in these Terms and Conditions are defined in the relevant statutes, separate terms and

conditions for individual services, and usage regulations.

Article 3 (Effect and Revision of Terms and Conditions)
This site provides you with the Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) application agency on

condition that you agree to these terms and conditions.

If the site determines that the terms and conditions need to be revised, it may be changed without the

member's permission or consent, and the member agrees.

If the user does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he/she may express his/her refusal to the

revised terms and conditions through suspension of service, and if he/she continues to use the service without

expressing his/her refusal, he/she shall be deemed to have agreed to the amendment.

The site is not responsible for damages caused by the user's failure to know the changed information on the terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Except for Terms and Conditions)
If necessary, this site can set separate terms and conditions for each service sector, and if the contents of

the terms and conditions conflict with the guidelines for each usage regulation, the contents of the guidelines for each usage regulation will be applied preferentially.

Matters not specified in these Terms shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Deliberation Regulations on Information and Communication, the Code of Information and Communication Ethics, the Program Protection Act, and other relevant statutes.



Chapter 2 Provision and Use of Services


Article 5 (Establishment of a contract of use)
The use contract is established with the user's consent to the contents of this site's terms and conditions through the Internet.

Consent to these Terms and Conditions will be expressed by pressing the "Consent" button on this site.

In any of the following cases, this site may suspend the establishment of the contract until the reason is

1. Service related capacity is insufficient
2. If there are technical reasons for failure

The service provided by this site is any service developed by the site or provided by other institutions,

etc., and the contents of the service can be changed and provided to the user.

Article 6 (Consent and Protection of the Use of Personal Information)
Personal information is protected by related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Information and Communication Network Promotion Act (abbreviated as the Information and Communication Network Act).

Personal information on this site is collected, used, and protected as follows.
1. Collection of personal information: This site collects personal information of users through information provided or generated when users use the service on this site.

2. Use of personal information: Personal information collected and registered by subparagraph 1 above shall not be leaked or distributed to a third party without the consent of the person, except as follows.
A. Where the user himself/herself discloses the personal information provided to this site;
B. If this site has treated a particular individual so that it cannot be identified;
C. Where the site has obtained prior consent from the user himself/herself;
D. Where necessary for the settlement, etc. of charges due to the provision of services on this site;
E. Where necessary for the performance and operation of the system maintenance, operation, management, etc. of this site;
F. Where it is necessary to provide related information, such as personal information related to user information between the site and the site of the administrative agency, to other administrative agencies;
G. Where there is a request in accordance with the due process prescribed by the relevant statutes;
H. Where there is a request for the commencement of an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed in statutes for the purpose of investigation;

3. Protection of Personal Information: Personal information collected by subparagraph 1 above is protected by e-mail registered at the time of application and passport number (or date of birth). Therefore, you should not inform others of the registered e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) when applying, and you must close the window of the web browser at the end of use.

The user's application for use in accordance with these terms and conditions is considered to agree to the use of personal information collected by Paragraph 2 No.

Article 7 (Information security of users)
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information entered by you from the moment you use this site service, and you are responsible for all the consequences of using the registered e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) upon application.

You are responsible for all management of e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) registered at the time of application, and if you find that the e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) registered at the time of application was used incorrectly, you must report to this site immediately. All responsibility for not reporting is on the user himself.

The user shall terminate the connection accurately at the end of use of the site service, and the site shall not be responsible for any damages or losses caused by the third party's acquisition and use of information on the user, regardless of the intentional negligence of the user.

Article 8 (Notification to Users)
In operating the service, this site can publish various information such as announcements on this site, provide or notify users by e-mail or mail.

In the case of notification to unspecified users, this site shall be deemed to have notified all applicants at the time the notification is displayed on this site.

Article 9 (Service hours)
In principle, the service hours are open 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, unless there is a business or technical problem on this site.

The hours of use under paragraph (1) shall be excluded from the date or time set by this site due to the need for regular inspections, etc., and the service may be temporarily suspended without prior notice.

This site divides the service into specific areas and allows each field to designate a separate time for use. In this case, the contents will be announced.

Article 10 (Notification of suspension and suspension of services)
In the event of any of the following reasons, this site may temporarily restrict or suspend the provision of services without notifying the user in advance.
1. Regular or urgent maintenance of this site system;
2. In the case of repair inspection, replacement, failure of information and communication facilities, loss of communication, service change work, and congestion of service use, etc
3. If the site determines that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the service for operational or technical purposes,
4, Where the service cannot be provided due to a disaster such as fire or power failure;
5. Where this service cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, and tsunamis;
6. Where the provision of this service is rendered impossible due to the force majeure of the state of emergency, war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, etc.;

In the event that the service is to be stopped due to the reasons in paragraph (1) above, even if there is a delay or suspension of the provision of this service, this site shall not be liable for any damages or losses caused by the user or other third parties.

In the event that the information processed by this site is damaged due to the reason in paragraph 1 above or due to a failure of service facilities outside the scope of management of this site, this site shall not be liable.

If the service needs to be permanently suspended due to the circumstances of this site, the pre-notification period is one month, and it is considered that all users have been notified at the time the notification is displayed on this site.

At the end of the notice period for paragraph 4 above, all users of this site shall be deemed to have agreed to the suspension of the service and shall be exempted from claims for damages from the user or a third party.

This site may arbitrarily restrict or suspend the use of the service or terminate the use contract without consent if the user has acted in violation of the contents of these terms and conditions.

Article 11 (Cancellation of Contract and Restriction of Use)
If the user violates the user's obligations under each paragraph of Article 16 of these Terms and Conditions, the site may terminate the contract or stop providing the service without prior notice.

Article 12 (Copyright of Posts)
You may not use or provide materials obtained through this service for profit or private purposes, such as reproduction, reproduction, redistribution, publication, processing, or sale, unless approved by a third party with rights to the information.

The user shall bear the full civil and criminal responsibility arising from the infringement of the copyright of others by the user's post.



Article 13 (Deletion of Posts)
If a post registered on the bulletin board of this site falls under any of the following subparagraphs, it may be deleted, moved, or registered without prior notice:
1. Posting a post that violates these terms and conditions or is deemed commercial, advertising, obscene, or vulgar;
2. If you slander or defame this site or others;
3. Violation of public order or good manners;
4. Where it is feared or recognized to be associated with a criminal act;
5. Any infringement of copyright or other rights of this site or third parties;
6. In case of concern about piracy or hacking
7. Failure to comply with the nature of the bulletin board
8. Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations;


Chapter III Obligations and Responsibilities



Article 14 (Obligation of this Site)
This site does not violate laws and regulations and the terms and conditions, and strives to provide services in a stable manner.

The user's application and usage information shall not be leaked or distributed to third parties without his/her consent. However, this is not the case if there is an investigative purpose for a crime or a request is made by procedures prescribed by other relevant statutes, and if necessary, related information such as personal information may be provided to other administrative agencies.

This site must be equipped with a security system for the protection of users' personal information (including credit information) so that users can use the site service safely.

This site is not responsible for service use failures due to reasons attributable to users.

Article 15 (Obligations of Users)
The user must accurately fill in the information required when using the service. In addition, if the information already provided is changed, it should be corrected immediately to maintain accurate information, and the registered e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) should not be used or leaked to a third party when applying.

Users cannot use this site service to engage in any commercial activities other than those permitted under the Immigration Control Act.
The user shall not engage in any of the following acts in connection with the use of this site service:
1. Illegal use by stealing registered e-mail (e-mail) and passport number (or date of birth) when applying by another user
2. Transmitting, posting, posting, e-mailing, or otherwise transmitting contents that violate or defame the privacy of others, such as abusive language, slander, insults, threats, dissemination of false information, and disclosure of personal information by a third party
3. An act of disguising the source of data
4. Posting, posting, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting contents not available under the relevant statutes or these Terms and Conditions;
5. Infringement of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, other intellectual property rights and property of this site and others, or transmission of such contents by posting, publishing, e-mailing or other means;
6. Posting, posting, e-mailing or other means of sending invitations in the form of advertisements, spam mails, and lucky letters that have not been approved by this site;
7. Collection or dissemination of other people's personal information
8. Use or disseminate harmful computer programs such as hacking or computer viruses
9. impersonation of the site's operatives, employees or stakeholders;
10. Arbitrary alteration of any or all of the information posted on this site
11. Acts for the purpose of a criminal act or related to other criminal acts
12. Acts that harm good manners or social order
13. The act of slander and slander of this site and the act of defaming or insulting others
14. Repeatedly transmitting advertising content against the will of others
15. Any actions that may interfere with or cause a stable operation of the service
16. Violation of these Terms and Conditions and other regulations or terms of use set forth by this Site
17. Other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations

If a user causes damage to a third party when using this service, he/she shall be responsible for the damage and resolve it at the user's own expense so that the user does not cause damage to the site.

If a user causes damage to the site in violation of the terms and conditions, the user may be requested to compensate for the damage incurred regardless of the presence or absence of arbitrary restriction or suspension of the use of this service.

Article 16 (Ownership of this Site)
The intellectual property rights and other rights related to the services, software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks provided by this site are owned by this site.

Except as expressly authorized by this site, you shall not modify, lend, lend, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, establish collateral rights, commercial use, or allow any third party to do so.


Chapter IV Other



Article 17(Refund Regulation)

After completion of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) approval service (approval application completion and approval result notification by the person in charge), approval cannot be

canceled in principle. Request is possible.


Cancellation and refund processing is possible only 1 hour before service application, and other refund processing follows the cancellation requirements below.

Cancellation Requirement: Cancellation and refund are possible only before the Korea ETA application and Korea ETA approval.

In case approval is pending or approval is pending, paragraph 1 above applies.


The payer is obligated to indemnify the cardholder, and if there is a problem when paying with a card in someone else's name, or when the cardholder files a complaint, the payer compensates the cardholder in full, including the cost of card payment and all costs related to compensation. do.


Regardless of the result of the ETA application (‘approved’ or ‘disallowed’), refund processing according to the service is not possible.


In case of cancellation or refund, the applicable payment method (card-card) will be cancelled.



Requests for cancellation or refund will be processed within the same day.



Article 18 (Prohibition of Transfer)
The user cannot transfer or give the right to use the service or other status under the contract of use to another person, and cannot provide it as collateral.

Article 19 (Compensation for damages)
The site shall not be liable for any damages to the user in connection with the services provided, except for criminal acts committed on purpose by the site.

Article 20 (Exemption Clause)
If the site is unable to provide services due to a natural disaster or equivalent force majeure, it will be exempted from its responsibility.

This site is exempted from liability if damage occurs due to the suspension or failure of the telecommunication service provider to provide it normally.

This site is exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.

This site is not responsible for damages caused by reasons attributable to users.

This site is not obligated to represent any comments or information of the users expressed in the service.

In no event will this site be liable for any gains or damages incurred by relying on the information contained in the services you provide on this site.

This site shall not bear any responsibility in connection with goods transactions or financial transactions made between users or between users and third parties through services.

This site receives the information of the user and acts on behalf of the ETA application, and the result of the application is the unique authority of the Korean government, so we do not bear any responsibility for the result of the ETA application.

We are not responsible for the results of the ETA application due to the wrong information or errors provided by the user to this site.

Article 21 (Jurisdiction Court)
The Korean law applies to disputes over the use of services between this site and users, and lawsuits arising from this dispute shall be filed with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.



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These terms and conditions will take effect from July 1, 2022.


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