Now apply online and get an electronic travel permit to travel conveniently.

Travel related [Notice] Required Checklists for ETA Application

❍  Be sure to first check whether the ETA application country is correct. (※ ETA is different from VISA. When applying for a visa, please contact the Korean consulate in your country.)


❍ The passport information side and ID photo to be prepared are as follows.

[Passport Information side]

- 300kb or less

- Only JPG and JPEG files can be registered

- A photo that reveals passport information without contamination or light reflection

[ID Photo]

- Less than 700 pixels horizontally and vertically

- 100kb or less

- Only JPG and JPEG files can be registered

- A photo that reveals the entire face (not covered with a hat, sunglasses, scarf, etc.)

*Be sure to check the proof (face) photo sample and upload the photo file that meets the photo standards. If you upload a photo that does not meet the standards, there may be a penalty for the ETA application.

Travel related [Notice] Easy Payment System

Payment can be made with all credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay銀聯, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, etc.) that can be used for payment. Before applying, check the credit card that can be used for payment. (※ This service is being prepared.)

Travel related [Notice] Safe Protection of Personal Information

❍ Now, apply on the official page of the Korean e-tourism license. Personal information may be leaked by applying to a similar unauthorized company, or permission may not be issued, and only costs may occur. Please check the official site. 

Travel related [Notice] One-Stop Travel Authorization Application


❍ Check Errors and problems in the information entered by the applicant at the same time as the ETA Application. if any supplement occurs, we will help you apply accurately through corrective action or consultation with the applicant before the examination.


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